Decorative Wall & Floor Designs in Dubai

Add originality and character to your property with FIORETTE, Dubai Design District. We specialize in high-end luxury surfaces.

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Decorative Wall & Floor Designs Dubai Design District

The Finest Selection of Wall and Floor Designs

Wall and floor surfaces add character, warmth and style to any interior design. The texture, color, material and form of the surfaces benefit from a palette of choices used to create a decorative finish.

At FIORETTE, we introduce you to our finest selection of decorative wall and floor products, all fashioned to the highest standard in design and quality of materials used. We will help you find the perfect design to fit your residential or commercial property.

Adding Originality To Your Space

Your house is the place where you want to come back after a hard day, to relax and unwind. Make it look its best!

Fresh in the field of innovation, FIORETTE provides decorative floor and wall designs, which will add originality and character to your space. Our wall surfaces encompass a wide variety of options, such as Mosaic and other designs. By paying close attention to details, we guide you in choosing the right design to suit your style. Visit us today.

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  • Bespoke floor and wall surfaces
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Innovative and unique solutions
  • Attention to detail
  • 3D solutions
  • Experienced international team

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