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Refine the interior of your home and give it a luxurious feel, contact FIORETTE today. Based in Dubai Design District, we specialize in high-end luxury surfaces.

We make use of only the best materials to create new concepts and designs. Visit our showroom today.

Luxury wall and floor surfaces are the centerpiece of any interior

Luxury Wall & Floor Surfaces Dubai Design

Give A Luxurious Look To Your Space

Transform your commercial or residential space by opting for prestigious wall and floor surfaces. Luxurious wall and floor surfaces are the centerpiece of any interior. They denote the room's personality. However, choosing and mixing surface materials can be a headache.

At FIORETTE, the product range we offer is based on materials such as glass, brass, gold, mother of pearl, swarovski and many more. Discover the way these materials and products are used together to invent a luxurious surface, visit us today.

Unique Wall & Floors Solutions

Did you know that you can easily give your wall or floor a luxurious touch? Adorning your walls and floors with exclusive and tastefully-designed products.

We are passionate about creating visual and luxurious solutions that stand aside from the rest of the industry. Our products are all fashioned to the highest standard in the design and the quality of materials used. Visit FIORETTE today!

Decorate your walls and floors with exclusive and tasteful solutions

Our StrengthsĀ :

  • Experienced international team
  • High-end products
  • Attention to detail
  • Interior design consultants
  • Reliable and dedicated team
  • Unparalleled customer service

Let us help you choose unique luxury wall & floor surfaces.